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Sep 30, 2001 05:33 PM

Found a pizza that's not too bad!

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As a native downstate New Yorker, I feel I qualify as one of the "pizza judges". Now I haven't been to Vace and some of the other places in DC mentioned here, but I've been trying out pizzas in Fairfax County and today had a small pizza at Lucerno's in Oakton. They don't have the correct crust (probably impossible to recreate outside of the Northeast), but the sauce is good, the cheese is not that puffy, spongy stuff but pretty good mozzarella, there is olive oil on this pizza (!) and oregano(!!). I've also had slices at the Lucerno's at Tysons Corner and that is quite good too. The secret is to eat the pizza at the restaurant and not get it "to go". It has to be hot, right out of the oven. I've tried taking a pizza home from Lucerno's and it just loses something in transit.

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  1. The closest you are going to come to NY pizza is Sylvano's in Herndon. There is excellent pizza in D. C. however at Pizzeria Paradisio on P St., NW. Coppi's on U St. is good as is the ORIGINAL Ledo's on University Blvd. in Hyattsville. Only the original. No other-pizza at the rest have nothing in common with the original. Overall you're not going to find Patsy Grimaldi's or John's but you'd be surprised at how good some of the D. C. pizza joints can be.

    1. This is in Montgomery County, but Giuseppe's in Rockville is the same: If you get the $3.15 lunch special of two slices and a drink, and eat it there, (and, if you're me, put plenty of cheese, oregano and hot pepper flakes on it), I can close my eyes and pretend I am in NY!

      1. MAMMA LUCIA in Twinbrook area of Rockville, on the Pike, has very good thin crust pizza. Haven't found any better in this area.