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Sep 28, 2001 06:28 PM

Anyone eaten at Mama Ayesha's?

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I am in DC with my boyfriend and I am trying to impress him. I have heard that Mama Ayesha's in Adams Morgan/Woodley Park is a cool scene and has good food.
Any thoughts?

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  1. I like it, but I don't know if I'd call it a "cool scene." They are palestinian and it's very nice food. I used to live around the corner when it was a dump, and it was always one of my favorite places. After Mama died, they fixed it up, so it's quite pretty inside. The food's still very good. I love the Arabian salad. For a light meal their salad sampler (forget what it's called on the menu) is very nice. They do them all well. I like their kabobs. My husband loves the kifta. Check em out!