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Sep 25, 2001 02:24 PM

peruvian chicken joints, N. Va.

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Anyone got any favorites? I'm partial to Edy's in Baily's crossroads though think they could do more with their fries. Good crisp skin though and a nice slight spicy ping in the seasoning. I've also tried the one in clarendon, pollo loco. Any others?

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  1. Check out Pollos Inka in Herndon.

    Also, Super Chicken in Falls Church.

    While it's not Peruvian, Caribbean Grill on Lee Hwy. in Arlington has amazing chicken, and their sides are great too.

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    1. re: Bob W.

      but a great chicken, is the Lebanese Taverna Market at the corner of Lee Highway and Lorcom Lane in Arlington. Say, what makes a roast chicken "Peruvian"?

      1. re: Bob

        The chicken is rubbed/marinated with citrus, garlic, oil and herbs, then rotisseried in a wood-fired oven. Served usually with a cilantro/chile hot sauce and a garlicy mayonnaise to dip the meat in, and salad and fried potatoes or fried yuca on the side. Edy's is usually good (although last time I was there, it was overcooked and dry). Pollo Rico on 10th at Washington in Arlington is even better.

      2. re: Bob W.

        In case you're up thataways, there's another El Pollo Rico in Wheaton, in that little strip mall next to the Goodwill (or is it Salvation Army?) and behind Chuck Levin's Music Centre, and it kicks butt.

      3. well, El Pollo Rico on colombia pike (right at the intersection across from chevy chase bank) is always crazy crowded, and perfumes the air. As a vegetarian I can't vouch, but the masses do seem to flock there (no pun intended!).

        1. Crisp & Juicy in Arlington (across the street from the Lebanese Taverna Market on Lee Highway) has great rotisserie chicken. Not sure if it is technically peruvian, but it is definately good.