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Sep 20, 2001 01:44 PM

Pier Point, Tapas Teatro (Baltimore)

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Well I've been a busy hound this week. One thing I want to note before I start; I have a new job now, and it is one that puts me in contact with restaurants everyday. I will continue to post reviews about places I can enthusiastically recommend, but it would not make good business sense for me to post about places I did not enjoy. So while I will continue to be honest about my opinions, if I don't have anything nice to say I just won't say it. 'mkay? You never know who is lurking :)

Ok, so on to the houndage.....

Pier Point
A small, unassuming restaurant owned and operated by Chef Nancy Longo on Aliceanna Street (3-4 blocks before it dead ends into Boston. My party dined on delicious, lightly fried oysters, salads with house made Maytag Blue vinaigrette, and 3 equally satisfying entrees. The roast duck with polenta was probably the winner ( a nut allergy prevented my friend from partaking of the pecan-flecked polenta), and my halibut with ginger caviar buerre blanc was light and tasty. Good wine list too, and a variety of after-dinner drinks. Smoked crab cake the signature dish, I hear, so I will have to go back and dig into it. Not fancy mind you, just good eatin'. Apps $5-10, entrees $17-$24

Tapas Teatro
Located next to the Charles Theater, this chic, inviting space has been open for just a few months. They have it down though. Wife and I partook of the chees plate for two (including nut crusted goat cheese and Manchego), which I wolfed through, along with olives and, Praise Be, a nice glass of dry sherry! That's real sherry from Spain folks, not the Fairbanks stuck in grandma's liquor cabinet. If you haven't ever tried a decent dry sherry with salty things like spanish olives, manchego, or reggiano, I pity you. ;-) Very good homemade Sangria too.
Nice Gazpacho, the best I've had so far in Baltimore (well, ok, I've only had maybe 2 others). Spicy Spanish Sausage, alluring and alliterative, went quite well with a reasonably priced bottle of Ribera del Duero from the quite decent wine list. Artichoke salad was good but a little random in terms of flavor combinations; the grilled squid was a light and refreshing break from the usual fried fare. Good stuff, we look forward to trying the other offerings.

And "Ghost World" was great. 2 thumbs up from these well-fed movie goers.

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  1. Tapas Teatro definitely gets points for atmosphere. It's a knockout, very well-lit. I'll add in 2 cents about the desserts: the cardoman ice-cream has made a big hit every time I've gone. I'll second Lucien's "Ghost World" opinion, too, although don't miss Charlotte Rampling in "Under the Sand."

    1. Thanks for the reviews Lucien - and congrats on the new job. I've always loved Pierpoint but have forgotten about it for a while - now that I've been reminded, I'll have to stop back in.
      My one complaint with Tapas is the $#%^ barstools- bolted to the floor, no footrests and hard, slippery seat. As much as I would love to linger there for hours over sangria and little nibblies, I can only last about 45 mins. - more sangria than that and I'm guaranteed to slide on off onto the floor!