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Sep 18, 2001 11:11 AM

vegetarian favorites

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Hi, I read about this site in the new yorker, and I think it's just great. I'm a vegetarian (sorry) but here are a few of my local favorites: Curry Laksa soup at cafe asia w/ tofu and vegetables-- nice and spicy, I eat it at least once a week. Raku in dupont or bethesda also has some good veg. options, try the bowl of fire and the seaweed salad. The Vegetable Garden on rockville pike is consistently great-- very fresh vegtables and always nicely done. For sunday brunch I like the Clarendon Grill near clarendon metro-- the hash browns are just the right amount of crisp and grease! Has anyone checked out the Arturo Restaurant on Washington bvld?? The hand-made sign intrigues me-- I have a feeling I'm either going to get the best meal of my life or the worst case of food poisoning ever.

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  1. Nora - Glad you've joined us. I'm not a veg but my eleven year-old is flirting with it now that her best friend is veg. It's going to be a challenge in our household, since hub and I are highly omnivorous and I'm the cook. A question - you are obviously into ethnic cuisines, do you (or other 'hounds) know of a good place within reasonable travelling distance from NW DC to get masala dosas?

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      one of the best dosa places in chicago(where I am from) started with a location in MD. here's a link


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        I've been to Udipi many times and enjoy it, but watch out. The food seems to expand in your stomach after you eat it, so don't eat too fast or you'll end up really full! Great value though and tasty. Good desserts.

    2. Hi Nora! I'm a vegetarian, too, and recently came to this board looking for some chowhound help for when I'm visiting your area on business. On my last trip, I stumbled across both Cafe Asia AND Raku, if you can believe it, and was immensely satisfied! I would love to hear more of your favorites. I tend to get stuck in the Herndon area, unfortunately, but occasionally have a car and can get myself to the Metro.

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        well, last week I tried the curry laksa soup at Malaysia Kopitiam (metro Dupont Circle)-- it was different from Cafe Asia's-- not quite as spicy, but had more veggies and tofu in it, I think the restaurant over all had a lot of vegetarian offerings-- I would definitely check it out. Amma Vegetarian Kitchen (indian food) in georgetown is good also-- it is on M street and very cheap! I think it's owned by the same people that own Aditi-- another indian restaurant up the street, but a bit pricier.

      2. Actually, the best vegetarian restaurant in the DC area is in Rockville, called Yuan Fu. It's right next to the Wendy's I think is in the 600 or 800 block of Rockville Pike, way out there, almost in Rockville.

        They have vegetarian "meats", especially a great "Chicken Steak" with black pepper sauce--it's just fabulous--and also tasty sesame chicken and for an appetizer, try the cold platter, which comes with an assortment of "meats". Best vegetarian food outside of Asia!