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Jan 29, 2001 02:06 AM

Delivery service in Palo Alto

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I have a friend who lives in the Palo Alto area who just had a baby. I would like to send a few dinners to them as a gift. Does anyone know of a delivery service or caterer who could do this?

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  1. Webvan can send prepared food, gifts and groceries. I have had more than satisfactory serivce from webvan. The meats and produce are outstanding, and some of the prepared food is very good quality and they can heat at their convenience. There is even a baby shop.


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      Judith Hurley

      Talk to Jeff Maiani, Social Gatherings Catering, in San Jose, linked, or 408.227.1455. His food and service are excellent, and he's a delightful person. I know he does dinners for two, picnics, and other off-grid kinds of things, so maybe he can do this too.