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Sep 17, 2001 03:17 PM

best pupusas ive tried (las tunas restaurant) arl. va

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the pupusas i tried there were really good and cheap. this place has potential of herds of crowds but kept like a secret by arlington spanish residents. give this place a try they sell mainly savadorian food and also mexican theyre number is 7038070126 las tunas restaurant arlington va

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  1. Have not had those, but living in Mt. Pleasant, the best I've found are at Miguel's Pupuseria on Mt. Pleasant St. between Irving and Kenyon.

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    1. re: Ron
      mike glennon

      If you want to check out some fine pupusas try Restaurant Abi on Columbia Pike, near the intersection with Glebe. Even better than the pupusas are the frijoles refritos-- two pupusas and a large dish of beans will set you back about 5 bucks, and worth every penny at twice much

    2. Joeseph-
      Can you tell me more about what exactly a pupusa is and what types I should try? Anything else to recommend? My SO lives around the corner and I have looked longingly at the place but it looked a tad dangerous but perhaps I am just a chicken. If I knew what I was looking for I would feel a lot better!

      Thanks for any info!

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        The pupusas I've had tend to be two soft flour tortillas (usually made with lard if they are authentic so not usually a veg option) and filled with either meat or cheese and grilled on a griddle. They are served with a type of coleslaw that is more vinigary than many. I love 'em.

      2. I've not been to Las Tunas. I never get to Va. In D.C., however, I like the pupusas at La Casa Juanita. It's located on 12th St. north of the Convention Center.

        1. Went to Las Tunas last night with a friend, the pupusas were tasty as were the tameles-- very fresh tasting. Only, they were out of Salvadoran beer, which I had been looking forward to trying. There was also a drunk overly friendly patron who kept offering us beers and a ride home, while tempting, we chose to decline. Then another patron, with more subtle technique, told us he would play for us the only non-latino song on the jukebox, which turned out to be bob marley's No Woman No Cry. I was touched, I think.

          1. Amaryllis in Adams Morgan has terrific Salvadoran food.