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Sep 16, 2001 01:29 AM

Dim Sum in Baltimore, Maryland

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Hi, everyone. I'm a student up in Baltimore and am looking for a good Dim Sum place. I've been down to Fortune in DC, and it's fantastic, but I'm trying to find someplace that's a lot closer to Baltimore (given recent events, I'm hesitant to drive all the way to DC). Anyone have any recommendations on Baltimore City (or within a 20-min drive) Dim Sum places?

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  1. if you think fortune is good, you haven't eaten dim sum. the freezer section of your safeway is a better option.

    suggestion: go to NYC. there is no decent dim sum in DC. out in bethesda there may be a few restaurants that serve a few dishes well, but it's slim pickings.

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      I agree that Baltimore and vicinity is now a total washout. However, it is not too far to the Oriental East on East-West Highway in Silver Spring, which is the best in DC's Maryland suburbs. Also, if you feel adventurous, try Mark's Duck House in Fairfax. Good for Dim Sum, better for its regular Hong Kong style Chinese food.

    2. My husband and I have made a tour of dim sum in DC and Baltimore for the last six years. For a time, there was a place in Glen Burnie that was mostly pretty good. Not, obviously, anywhere the selection of a Toronto dim sum restaurant, but what they did, they did mostly respectably and sometimes pretty darn good.

      Unfortunately, it's now an Italian restaurant called Jupa (which actually has received a decent review).

      If you like Northern-style dim sum, I think Szechaun Best is the best we know of (notwithstanding other posts down below). They don't have har gow or the chow fun rolls or cha-shiu bao (etc.), but what they do have is good.

      Otherwise, it's off to Silver Spring. That would be the closest to Baltimore.

      P.S. My husband says that the beef stew is just like his mom's.

      1. I am very sad to report that after the closing of Grand Palace...there is no good dim sum around Baltimore ;(

        It really depresses me!!!

        Sometime we're luck to get down to DC, NY, PA, or bring home my mother-in-law's goodies.

        1. There's "Great Eastern Buffet" located at 2201 W. Patapsco, (410) 644-3868. Dim sum served 6 days/week. It's about 10 min. outside the city. It was good, just had the standard fare: crepes, dumplings, 8 treasures, tripe, chicken feet, sweet buns, etc., nothing mind-blowing. But if you're in need of a quick dim sum fix, this will do the trick.