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Sep 10, 2001 05:16 PM

Cafe Europa - Bethesda

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Has anyone eaten at/know anything about Cafe Europa in Bethesda?

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  1. Yes. I was underwhelmed.

    1. I just ate there Wednesday night for the first time. We had an Entertainment book coupon, so we decided to go for it. The food was great, but the creme brulee desert even better. The house wine is passable, but not fantastic. I order goulash, which had a great sauce, but the meat could have been more tender. My boyfriend had the chicken stuffed with spinach and loved it. Atmosphere is geared more for couples or subdued groups. Great decor.

      1. Hi - just happened to eat there this past weekend. It's really great, I just keep forgetting to go back there. I had a wonderful rack of lamb, my friend had their special - beef medallions with goat cheese (sorta served in a stack).
        Last time I was there I had a chicken dish (sounds boring and that's how I felt) that in fact was ALSO extremely good, great sauces, nice vegetable garnishes with everything. They serve on square plates, so the presentation is also different and lovely.
        After this past weekend, I'm thinking about scoping it out for a family event, see if they can hande a decent size group.
        (Note: they also have wood fired pizzas, which I hear are good, but I haven't tried)
        Definitely go!