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Sep 7, 2001 08:38 AM

Vietnamese Food in DC

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I'm moving to DC next week and love Vietnamese food. I've been living in deepest rural England where Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants are commonplace but Vietnamese is non-existent. I'll be living in the Alexandria/Arlington area but willing to travel for a good meal! Any ideas?

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    will creedle

    Try Pho '78. I forget the exact address, but it is precisely what one wants out of Vietnamese: Great noodles, Some strange meat that might be cat, and a fish sauce that'll blow your mind, all for under 10 bucks.

    1. Pip, you are moving to the perfect place for Vietnamese eating! Falls Church and Arlington are full of good Vietnamese restaurants. There is a tiny place called Cha Gio in Falls Church that is a favorite cheap lunch of mine (in a little strip shopping center on Rt. 50 a mile or two from the Beltway). Great food and nice people.

      I've included a link to a terrific guide to "ethnic dining" in the Washington, DC area, featuring Northern Virginia restaurants. It is written by an economics professor at George Mason University (who obviously eats out a lot and loves good food) and was mentioned both here on this site and in the Washington Post. Hope it helps you find good Vietnamese food and more when you move to the area. Good luck!!


      1. Try Eden Center in Seven Corners. Lots of good places.

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          The place to go in the Eden Center is Hong Que, The Four Sisters. The menu is extensive, the food is superb, prices are reasonable. It's one of the best restaurants in the D.C. area.

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          geoff laredo

          When you're in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of DC, give Nam Viet Pho 79 a try. On Connecticut Ave across the street from the Uptown Theater. Generally good, and inexpensive. Service is...variable. Welcome to town!

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            Nam Viet/Pho 79 is also located in Clarendon-one block down (the side of the street with all of the Greek and Japaanese restaurants) and turn right. It was my first taste of Vietnamese in DC. REALLY good.
            But-definitely surpassed (in taste, options and price) by Four Sisters. Go. Iti s wonderful.
            And go to the deli next door for bubble tea!

          2. Two Vietnamese places I like:
            (1) Crystal Saigon on 23rd street near the Crystal City Metro.
            (2) Queen Bee at the Clarendon metro.

            There are about 6 Vietnamese places within a block of the Clarendon metro all of which are decent. Queen Bee was a favorite of the Posts' former food critic.