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Sep 6, 2001 10:08 PM

eating in DC

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Can anyone suggest a fun and funky place to eat in Washington, DC--maybe in Adams Morgan? We're going there for a weekend and are open to a different kind of eating experience. I'll confess we're going for a Saturday night blowout at Laboratorio del Galileo so we'd like something that contrasts to that extravaganza.
Thanks all!

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  1. When I hear the words "fun," "funky" and "Adams Morgan" in the same sentence in this context, I think of Ethiopian food. There are numerous places, but try Meskerem on 18th near Columbia Road.

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      I second this recommendation. Meskarem is probably the best Ethopian in the city. If you've never had it, it's worth a try and believe me it will definitely contrast with the taste of heaven you will find at the Laboratorio.

      I'd nix the Marrakesh. It's not all that. You go more for the experience of bellydancers and cushioned seats than for the food. Tasty yes, but not chow material.

      If you don't mind straying just a bit from Adams Morgan, try Jaleo or Cafe Atlantico near 7th and D. Fabulous food and it won't ring nearly as much out of your wallet as Roberto Donna will! Enjoy.

    2. Marakesh is another good one. it's Morrocan. It's $25 per person for a 6/7 course set menu meal. You eat at funky tables on cushions. There are also belly dancers who perform. You need a reservation.

      1. Two Adams Morgan places which are consistently good are the New Orleans Cafe on 18th Street, NW, and the kifta kebob at Mama Ayesha's on Calvert Street. The New Orleans Cafe is funky while Mama Ayesha's is more upscale.