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Sep 6, 2001 03:51 PM

Steamed Crabs in Montgomery County?

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Anybody know a good place to get steamed crabs in Montgomery county? I've tried Cameron's Seafood Market and Seafood in the Buff. Both are okay, but don't stack up to Baltimore.

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  1. Try the Bethesda Crab House. I've always had great crabs there - always better than Cameron's. It's on Bethesda Ave. about 1 block off Arlington.

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    1. re: Terrie H.

      Bethesda Crab House is about the only place that I know of in Montgomery County that is serious about crabs; they've got crabs, steamed shrimp, potato chips and maybe cole slaw. Oh, yeah: beer. No amenities at all.

      Call in advance, 'cause they sell out of the big ones.

      1. re: DoctorK

        Sorry, I can't agree about Bethesda Crab House. Their crabs come from Texas and that's why they are so reasonably priced. They are just not as good as Chesapeake blue crabs. I always go to Annapolis to Cantlers or Balt. to Gunnings or Obrickis...

        1. re: Susan

          Do you honestly think you are always getting Chesapeake Bay blue crabs at Cantler's, Gunning's, Obrycki's, etc?

          Tip: you aren't. Even if they tell you you are, you aren't. They may come from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, or Texas.

          Reason: They are all the exact same crabs. And they are live until they go into the pot, so there is no freshness issue.

          The supply of Maryland crabs now is miniscule compared to the demand. The Washington Post recently ran a two-part series on crabbing in the bay.

          The Post also recently ran an article on LOBSTERS taken in Maryland waters. Surprise, they are still advertised as Maine lobsters by the local restaurants that serve them.

          But I agree that the Bethesda Crab House is ordinary.

    2. There is also Steamers which has a great deck to sit on. Also, if you like clams casino as an appetizer, their's is excellent.