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Sep 4, 2001 08:12 PM

Bo Brooks boo hoo

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My Baltimore-dwelling friend and I were hankering for hard shells on Sunday and decided to use Chowhound and other advice to figure out where to go for them. We ended up settling on Bo Brooks since the Obrycki's idea seemed to be so controversial. Woe was us, when we discovered that Bo has moved from Belair Rd. to Boston St. in Canton, which seems to resemble a mall these days. We were looking for a good dive-y atmosphere, with crab shells all over the floor, and instead got a very sterile, too-big, fearsomely air-conditioned environment that was just all wrong. The crabs were good, but we need sides too and they were not up to the task. The cole slaw was watery. The single portion of fries that our harried waitress assured us was big enough to share was definitely not, although tasty enough. And the onion rings that we then had to order to fill ourselves up were astonishingly greasy and disgusting. Sigh. I had never been to Bo Brooks before and I wouldn't go back. A shame.

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  1. Hit L.P. steamer's next time. Has the atmosphere you are looking for, and better food, too. Sorry to hear about your "boo hoo" though.

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    1. re: Lucien

      Yah, too bad about Bo Brooks going all comfy, but at least it's not ersatzy like Obrycki's. Oh, I miss Gabler's! L.P. Steamer's sounds promising--I must get past my bias against its massively stupid name.

      1. re: Vorgydal

        well if it had a cool name then it wouldn't be hometown, now would it? :) I thing the point of the name is... L-ocust P-oint Steamers.

      2. re: Lucien

        Thanks--where is LP Steamers?

        1. re: Julie

          On Fort Street, 2 blocks beyond Lawrence.