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Sep 2, 2001 05:56 PM

outdoor rooftop bar in Dupont

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I seem to recall an article early this spring (in the Post? City Paper?) that said that a Dupont area hotel, (I thought the Hilton but may be wrong) had opened up their rooftop with a bar to locals. Anyway, I'm extremely vague on the details, the Hilton swears that they don't have a rooftop bar and now I'm wondering if I am completely confused, if there was an experiment that didn't work, or if there's a nice place to sit and have an outdoor drink whilst surveying Dupont? Anyone else remember this article or know what I'm talking about? (And no, I'm not confusing "a Dupont hotel" with Hotel Washington which is near the white house). Other than Hotel Washington are there any other rooftop places (particularly ones with really good food? Hotel Washington's food is basic at best.)

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  1. Best DC rooftop place IMHO is Perry's in Adams Morgan. Their sushi's excellent. Lauriol Plaza also has a roof and pretty good Mexican food, though it can get unbearably crowded.

    1. The owners of Chi Cha also recently opened a bar in Dupont called Gazoza which has an outdoor balcony. Get there early though cause those seats go fast!