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Sep 1, 2001 11:47 AM

Great find in Columbia

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You must go to the Z Tejas at the Columbia Mall and get the appetizer dumplings and a margarita. They are chowhound delights, and you'll be begging for more.

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  1. YES! Those dumplings are soooooo yummy....kind of odd that they are so good at a southwestern restaurant! I find their food kind of southwestern/asian fusion. Odd, but good! (By the way...the apps are the best of the food!)

    1. The dumplings are delicious but personally this restaurant is just OK. It's still a chain and and for the most place it shows. One my first visit, my food arrived so cold that the cheese had solidified. I sent it back and the replacement meal was at least warm but not exciting. On the second visit the food was hot but the service was just not there. Most of the young staff (where talking just 5-10 years younger than myself) spent the whole time clustered together talking, including our waitress.

      Overall, pretentious and overpriced. Nice if you're in the area for a business lunch (nice visual atmosphere) but nothing to write home about.