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Aug 31, 2001 10:37 PM

looking for good Italian bread!

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I am searching for a bakery that makes good Italian rolls in the Baltimore area. Orginally from New Jersey we no longer have much family there and don't visit very often. So we don't get those great rolls. We live in Southern Maryland but travel up to Baltimore often.I know there is a Little Italy in Baltimore is there a good bakery there?

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    frank segall

    There still might be a local Italian bakery named Maranto's that supplied (supplies?) the Little Italy restaurants. I don't know that their quality approaches that of the Jersey area breads, but it's probably the closest thing around here.

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    1. re: frank segall

      Catania on North Capitol St.-if it is still there-believe it or not is the equal of Atlantic City or NY. Some small Italian delis like Vace, Italia in Silver Spring, etc. sell it. Superb crust, kind of like if the bread line did Italian.

      1. re: Joe

        Catania is still there and the rolls are quite good. They use them for the subs at Va-Ce.

        But try the petit pain at Marvelous Market--an excellent substitute for an Italian roll.

        Now if you can find the equivalent of the hard roll I used to get at delis in New York when I was young, I will be grateful.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

        1. re: Joe

          The only problem with Catania on North Capitol is that it's in DC. I think the person who recommended Trinacria as your best bet is on the money.

      2. Try Trinacria, on Paca Street north of Lexington Market. You have to get there pretty early in the morning to lay your hands on some breads, or try calling and begging and pleading for them to save you some.

        You could also try Di Pasquale's at 3700 Gough Street (Highlandtown?), but I've never shopped for rolls there. Try it and let me know!