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Aug 30, 2001 12:41 PM

Alpha Dog in the New Yorker

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See the current issue of the New Yorker for a an actual, real-life story of, chowhounding around NYC with the Alpha-Dog himself. Wonderful piece, practically fell out of my chair when I realized what it was. Sorry, not available online yet; I think it's the 9/3 edition of the mag.

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  1. Here's a message I just found on the NYC board:

    Lots of interesting, funny material: Great Big Article in the NewYorker re Chowhound Outer Borough Board--Check it Out! (but it's not on line).

    New Grub Streets
    The hunt for the city's food secrets.
    Calvin Trillin

    1. You should give proper credit to the author of the piece, Calvin Trillin, one of the country's great humor writers, food fancier and connoisseur of barbecues (Kansas City has the world's finest, he contends). He has written often in the New Yorker, and his pieces are always worth far more than the cost of the magazine.

      1. With all due respect to the Alpha Dog, I think that Calvin Trillin should be recognized as the godfather of all that is going on here on Chowhound. If you read his pieces from the '60s and '70s on "real" food around the country, you will see the roots of Chowhound.

        His books--"American Fried", "Alice, Let's Eat" and "Third Helpings" [now being packaged as the "Tummy Trilogy"] are not only right on in terms of food discovery but he writes like a dream. I used American Fried as my dining guide on a trip to Kansas City in the mid-seventies and had an extraordinary trip.

        And judging from his bike rides around Chinatown--reported in the recent article--he hasn't slowed down one bit in the food department.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

        1. Read the article this morning...which just led me to this site. I thought I was reading about myself!!! I really miss NYC.

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            Dave Feldman

            Welcome to Chowhound, Toyo. Hoping to hear what info you have to share with us.

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              Thanks Dave, I appreciate your welcoming me. I've only been in B'more five years...the first month I combed the yellowpages for markets and restaurants to get the scoop around town. I do feel a bit food deprived ;)

              A new Korean supermarket, Hanahreum, opened up on Rt 40 and Rolling Rd, about a week ago. If you want a "Seoul" experience, visit the market.