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Jan 27, 2001 01:54 PM

simple pleasures

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Just returned from Concord's new and only chinese deli. Ordered Roast Duck&Pig with Shanghi noodles and soup, all generous portions at $4.95 total. My stomach told me, rather painfully, we were'nt going anywhere, until we had a snack. I sat in the car sampleing the succulent duck and crispy pork, washing it down hot soup. Other eating memories have been more elaborate, but none more simple satisfying.

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  1. And the name of Concord's new and only Chinese deli? (I feel like the commercial--"...and the name of your discount broker?" "My Discount Broker". "The name?!?!? I need a name!!!!!")

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      It is Golden Bay 1833 Willow Pass Rd. in Park And Shop. They have chicken feet and the whole thing.