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Aug 29, 2001 03:31 PM


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Guess this new place is all the buzz. Good reviews by the professionals so far. Is there room for another expense-account Italian place in town? Did the chef come from somewhere we know? Anyone been yet? Anxious for reports.

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  1. The chef and co-owner is Cesare Lanfranconi - he was an executive chef at Galileo under Roberto Donna. Been to Tosca for lunch several times and had a tasting dinner in their kitchen - a truly gastronomic experience but pricy - 12 courses @$75 with a drink, wine, tax and tip came to $125/person.

    I think their regular menu is reasonable, and as the reviewers have said, stick to the appetizers and pastas.

    1. Two tongues up!

      My wife took me for my Birthday - loved it! Interior is elegant, contemporary, minimalist - very soothing. Service was very professional, attentive, and flexible (they didn't try to steer you but gave you lots of options). Food was excellent! Started off w/ raddichio salad w/ pear (yum), a salted cod/lobster & baked mashe potato appetizer (double yum), and had italian sausage gnocchi's for my main course (triple yum). The chocolate tart w/ melted chocolate and very intersting rectangular chocolate cookie sticking out of the top were an excellent topper to an excellent meal.

      My wife's ricotta & raisin raviloi w/ light cream sauce and her porcini & paremesean risotto were also fantastic (uh, so I hear).

      I heard the chef (can't remember name) used to work w/ Roberto Donna. Prices vary but give you lots of flexibility. Apps from $8-12. Average pasta $12-16, risotto $24, they also have a multi-course tasting menu in the 60's or 70's. You can order half orders or ful orders of most things listed on tasting menu.

      We're going back next week.