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beer, etc. in dc

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I'm making a trip to DC this weekend for a wedding and was wondering what beer sights to see. The obvious ones that I know of are the Brickskellar and Dr Dremo's. I was hoping for some suggestions about other good beer bars/brewpubs. Also, where are the good places to pick up brews to bring back home? I think the two I've patronized are Cairo and Central Liquors.

And if you have any solid cheap eats recommendations, too, they're more than welcome (Vietnamese, Chinese, burritos, pizza, you name it).


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  1. You're in luck, because the Post just did a big article on artisan breweries in the area -- should still be available on their website. One tip: the new Gordon Biersch downtown is probably not worth a trip. I used to work next to the original one in Palo Alto, and can say that it's gotten too chain-y with a concomitant decrease in quality of food and atmosphere.

    1. Other good retailers are Whole Foods Markets (my employer, although I don't work at these locations) on P St and in Georgetown, and Chevy Chase Wines & Spirits.

      1. A listing of beer retailers in the dc area can be found at:


        Link: http://burp.org/buybeer.htm

        1. Thanks for the responses. I also received suggestions from the Atlanta beer list and ones a buddy got from the DC beer list about a month ago.

          Jim, I'm curious whether you've come across a friend of mine who is a corporate trainer for Whole Foods. His name is Michael, he lives in Philly, and he reminds me a lot at times of Woody Allen (doesn't hurt that he's a big fan). Great guy- our wives went to college together.

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            I don't believe I know your friend Michael, but I'll watch for a guy who looks like Woody Allen.

          2. Hi,
            Good Beer Bars

            DC-The Brickskeller, The Big Hunt, Kramerbooks/Afterwords Cafe-All are in or near Dupont Circle
            Bedrock Billiards-Adams Morgan
            The Saloon-U St
            THe Lost Dog Cafe-Arlingon, VA-Also a great place to grab some lunch
            Galaxy Hut-Arlington, VA
            Hard Times Cafe-Woodbridge, Herndon, VA-There are a few other locatons for Hard Times but these two have the best selections

            Good cheap eats
            Pho Sate-Falls Church, VA-Best pho place on the planet, make sure you get Cha Go GA(Chicken Rolls)and Cafe Suda(iced coffee with condensed milk)
            Cafe Asia-Arlington, VA
            Busara-Upper Georgetown, DC-Great Thai restaurant with a wonderful beer selection, not that cheap but worth it
            Restaurant Abby-Arlington, VA-Great El Salvadorian Rest.

            There is a few recomendations
            Jeff Wells
            Craft Brewers Guild
            Regional Sales Manager

            1. Since others have named most of the beer places, allow me to suggest a beer. My favorite local beer is Tupper's Hop Pocket brewed by Old Dominion for Bob Tupper (who was and maybe still is the night manager for Brickskellar). Sold only in bottles, it is as hopped up a beer as you can stand - nice and malty too, I'd say more English style than German. Anyway, it's worth pikcing up a 6 pack and keeping em nice and cold for a special occasion. You can usually get it at Brickskellar and I see it at many of the wine and beer places around town. Have fun on your visit.

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                Bob Tupper hosts tastings at the Brick, but is not, and never has been the night manager. The beer--which is just as great as you say! --is made for Bob and his wife Ellie, hence the plural possessive: Tuppers' Hop Pocket Ale. It is sold in kegs as well as bottles, and in both cases is conditioned in the container. I believe Michael Jackson gives it 3-4 stars out of 4. Tuppers' Keller Pils is also a great one.

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                  Cool, thanks for the info - anyway I'm definitely partial to Hop Pocket. In fact, since you've reminded me of the Brickskellar tastings, I may have to try to go.

                  Might just add that other local beer brands worth takin' home wit'cha are Wild Goose (and I particularly like their Winter beer, "Snow Goose") and Fredrick's Blue Ridge.

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                    fortunately, tupper's is available here in atlanta. great stuff.

                    gotta catch a flight...

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                      Wild Goose and Blue Ridge at one time were separate entities, but a few years ago Frederick Brewing Co bought WG, and also Brimstone. Many think the WG brews changed after the buyout, and I can tell you from my experience that Snow Goose changed a lot. Today I much prefer Geary's Hampshire Special Ale, which is similar to (but better than) the old Snow Goose. Unfortunately, we can't get Geary's in NoVA. Not sure about DC or MD.

                      I think Blue Ridge is at its best with its seasonals, such as HopFest. I'm not up to speed on their beers, since we can't get them in NoVA these days, but I used to enjoy Steeple Stout (with a touch of rye), and their doppelbock was very nice as well.

                      Locally (well, extended locally), I think Victory is doing a great job up in PA. Their Golden Monkey Tripel is really nice, and HopDevil is a really good IPA. Clipper City does some nice things up in Baltimore. Their new beer, McHenry, is a great effort in the style of Yuengling Lager, which it is designed to compete with.