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Aug 27, 2001 09:23 PM


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Well I, my wife, a well known local eat-meister and one other intrepid 'hound made it out for the soft opening of Roy's a week ago, and I am here to report that we had ourselves a dandy meal.

Appetizers were the overall stars of the show, and everything we got was well presented and very well made: Dim Sum canoe, sashimi (so fresh it was probably swimming the day before), one of the best crabcakes (I know I know), and massive heirloom tomato salad.

Dinners were also very good but a bit more variable. From Macadamia nut crusted grilled whitefish to U-10 scallops to porterhouse asian bbq pork chop, all attendant diners had a satisfying and delectable meal. My "rare seared blackened tuna" was well on its way to being workingman's well-done, but that is my only niggling complaint. In all cases, there was some flavor on the plate that elevated it above the usual cut-and-paste school of fusion cooking.

Dessets were pretty much to die for; we had 2 house specials. The tropical fruit tart was pipng hot, succulent, and featured a flaky but rich crust. The chocolate souffle was on the sinful side, oozing rich coca out of the middle and served a la mode.

I do recommend Roy's, although you might want to figure out a way to get there on someone else's tab: Our mock ticket for 4 ran to $300, and only because we were restricted to 2 bottles of wine. This particular group would normally have done more damage than that over the course of a 3 hour dinner. We'll be back though, as Roy's delivers some of the feshest, high quality, innovative seafood fare I've had in recent memory.

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  1. I agree, Roy's was a treat. I had the nerve to go up to Roy and introduce myself and wish him well with this Baltimore addition. I've been to Roy's in Tokyo and Seattle.

    I had the mahi-mahi, and a swordfish like fish, "kajiki," over mashed potatoes, the day's Hawaiian platter. Melt in your mouth delicious!!!

    The tuna appetizer was wonderful too.

    I also appreciated the decor and suitable music in the background. After going to EurAsian and suffering through the rock music, which the waiter said could not be turned down or changed, I know I can count on Roy's for a fine dining experience.