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Aug 25, 2001 01:47 PM

Baltimore's Charleston

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I just found Chowhound and I've gotta say WOW - look what I've been missing! Great site.

I have to chime in on what has been, far and away, my favorite Baltimore restaurant over the past few years: Charleston.

I've seen some of the good-but-not-great reviews here. Chacun a son gout, but I've never has less than a transcendental experience there. Food, service, wine, ambience. The only drawback is that it is very pricey, particularly if you get swept away by some of the awesome but expensive selections on the wine list.

Cindy's cooking may be hard to pigeon-hole: Southern, French, who cares? I find almost every dish fun and delicious. Killer items that come immediately to mind have included cornmeal-crusted oysters, cold peach soup, foie gras, tuna with black olives (killer match with Cote Rotie), and venison. Definitely worth a visit, if only to find out for yourself.

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  1. If you're the MD MD, I think we know each other. (g) Welcome to!

    1. DAVE!!!! Heh heh heh......hope you are doing well.

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        David Glasser

        ...Melanie and Lucien, for the words of welcome, and to all for the reviews. Ate at The Helmond last night and it was wonderful. Never heard of it before Chowhound. I see I've got lots of catching up and exploring to do.

        For appetizers, the pumpkin and the Mahtwo (sp?) were outstanding, the leek ravioli was very good, and the lamb lawand and rack of lamb were also outstanding. Nice service and ambiance, too.

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          *homer voice* mmmmmmmmmmmm....pumpkin appetizwe......rghrhgrhgrgghr......