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Aug 24, 2001 11:02 PM

margaritas in dc

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Any good suggestions for margaritas in dc - preferably somewhere outside (aside from the usual Lauriol Plaza, Cactus Cantina, Guapos...)?

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  1. I am so happy to share with you my favorite little margarita place in my area!

    La Loma is at 316 Mass Ave, NE, just a couple blocks from Union Station. It has the best margaritas in my recent memory, and the food is cheap, reliable, and plentiful, as a bonus. Most importantly, these fine bebidas are available by the pitcher, and always served by quite doting waiters.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    p.s. Go to the link. If I haven't sold you on La Loma, Phyllis will.


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    1. re: Genesee

      Thanks for the tip - I'm definitely going to try it!

      1. re: Winnie

        La Loma definitely fits the bill just because they have a fine outdoor dining area (and I would also recommend their seafood burrito and soft tacos).

        For an even more serious margarita try Casa Juanita's a little El Salvadorian hole in the wall at 11th and I street NW. I haven't been in awhile. However, at one time they were playing around with high end tequilas, but they almost always make a really decent margarita. Unfortunately, no outside seating (and it's not really a see and be seen neighborhood to sit outside in anyway).

        1. re: Cap Hill

          Does anyone know if the above-mentioned Juanita's at 11th & I St. used to be Los Planos de Renderos (or something approximating that spelling)? I used to go there in the '80's and they had terrific margaritas as well as mouth-watering gorditas, pupusas and taquitos. I live in Montana now and get very nostalgic for those ethnic eats which DC is blessed with.

          1. re: lindy berry

            The one and same ... they changed their name (I think about 2 years ago), but their menu is basically the same.

            I have very close friends who moved to New Mexico and every time they come back, we go there.

            1. re: Cap Hill

              Thanks for the good news. We'll be back there in Nov. and I'll look forward to margaritas and appetizers at Juanita's, then.

              1. re: lindy berry

                Hi - I had to leave this discussion behind for a bit. I actually went to Casa Juanita's last week and they may be on a downhill slide. The Margarita wasn't too great and the food was not particularly memorable. It made me think that they may be having cash problems to come up with the ingredients that they need. I dunno. I'm not necessarily giving up, just reporting my concern.

    2. My friends and I have been going to El Tamarindo at the corner of 18th, U, and Florida NW. The Margaritas are good though there is no outdoor area. A combination that we enjoy is pupusas and a pitcher of margaritas. Somewhat inexpensive yet satisfying.

      1. The margaritas at Banana Cafe on 8th Street SE - 1 Block away from Penn. Ave. are amazing. They also have the best salsa in the city.