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Jan 26, 2001 03:38 PM

Black Truffle Menu - Elizabeth Daniel

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We have rescheduled our ED reservations so as to be there when the Black Truffle menu is on. It is $133 compared to $77 on the regular menu. I was wondering if anyone has had it. They faxed a menu and it sounds wonderful, but not sure if we should go for it.

Also, if anyone has an opinion on ordering the wine paring with the meal. Thanks.

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  1. I haven't had the truffle menu, I only know we have had
    some of the best food we have ever had, including in France, there. If Daniel is getting optimum cooperation from his staff, it will be superb. I'm jealous.
    About the wine: Elisabeth has good wine sense so I
    would say go for the pairings. You lucky duck!

    1. Go for it! Find out whether they have a White Truffle Menu.

      1. We had it just over a week ago (our first time at ED), and went back with another couple last night for the regular menu. The truffle menu is $144 per person and is truly amazing. We recently bought some black truffles for a recipe at home, and truthfully the amount of truffle that ED serves you is just over what it would cost to buy the truffles alone at retail. This is not a chintzy truffle dinner. The sweetbread ravioli with truffles is amazing - a bowl of frothed aromatic bubbles shows up - I actually chose that as my second course last night (they will let you intersperse from the reg menu to the truffle and vice versa if there is something you dont like or cant miss). All in all, a great experience - my favorite in the city proper right now. Second only to FL on the West Coast. One caveat - wine list is not cost-conscious. It's a decent list, but with corkage of $25, I'll bring an outstanding bottle from my cellar (last night we had an 85 Groth Reserve cab), and then buy one off the list (4 people), and maybe have a glass of champagne to start - Laurent Perrier by the glass - you cant miss. One thing they do have is an excellent Champagne list in my eyes - many smaller producers coupled with the well established. All I can say is enjoy - I know you will!!

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          We appreciate your comments, thanks so much for posting. Now we have no qualms with going for it. We had kept our original reservation as well, which I figured was just over-doing it, but my date wants to keep it as well.