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Aug 24, 2001 05:36 PM

Morton's Valet Parking Rip Off In Reston

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About 800 spaces have been closed in Reston Town Center because of a dispute between the two principals who own and operate this. (In a tightening economy they have the good sense to alienate business!!!) The result is that parking has become very difficult often involving lengthy walks from perimeter garages of 3 to 5 blocks to a particular restaurant.
Still, valet parking can be found for free at the Market Street Grill in the Hyatt. But not at the new Morton's where they charge $8.00 to park your car.
For comparison valet parking at Morton's in Georgetown (where there really is no parking) is $5.00 and at Morton's at Tyson's it is $3.00. Many restaurants in both downtown Washington and Bethesda have either complimentary valet parking or only charge a reasonable amount.
But not the three week old Morton's at Reston Town Center.
I am going to host a rehearsal dinner for a wedding party in several months. I had originally planned to have the twenty or so of us visit the new Morton's. Well, after this certainly no. We'll go to the Market Street Grill in the Hyatt instead who are not attempting to gouge prospective customers.
Morton's doesn't need the $2,000 I would have spent for this meal there. They have their parking charge to survive on, ignoring the fact that for steak houses Angelos and Maxie's is a block away and eight minutes away Tyson's has Sam and Harry's, The Palm, Fleming's,The Capitol Grille, JR's Stockyard and another Morton's. Actually the Market Street Grill is somewhat less expensive anyway.
This is one restaurant in the Washington area that I will NEVER visit. Come to think of it I doubt that I will visit any of the three other Morton's in the D. C. area either.

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  1. You have got to be kidding me. You can not afford to park your car? That is your big problem with Morton's? No "Service issues"?- Bad food? anything at all remotley within Morton's ability to control? Try talking with the Valet company that parks your car.

    As far as the Market Street Grill goes, enjoy your dinner there; I will be thinking of you while I cut into my Porter House. Just remember there is a reason they are less expensive. I hope you get what you pay for.

    Oh and for the record, Parking at the Hyatt is only free if you are staying at the Hyatt.

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      This isn't an issue about being able to afford the $8.00 parking fee. It's about being taken advantage of by a restaurant when others in the same chain don't lower themselves to this level. Morton's contracts with the valet service by the way-it's their decision.

      By the way, enjoy your Porterhouse at Morton's. I'll be at Di Vinus in Firenze next week where you can still get bisteca fiorentina on the bone despite the concerns of several months ago.
      I'll toast your good fortune to be at Morton's with a '90 Solaia.

    2. As I'm in the process of house hunting and on frozen with fear by the amount of debt I'm considering taking on, I'd be much more appreciative of this discussion if you guys would turn your attention to helping us find that nicely prepared steak for under $25.

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      1. re: Cap Hill

        Great French bistro on lower Connecticut Avenue.

        1. re: Joe

          Oh great suggestion! and I've been meaning to get over there and check 'em out.