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Aug 14, 2001 12:47 PM

Baltimore dining/drinking help

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Will be in Baltimore overnight this Saturday with my wife. Looking for recommendations on romantic restaurants for dinner -- any food type.

Also planning on some bar hopping after dinner. A couple places in Fells Point have been recommended to us. But are there other good entertainment districts to visit? Any specific bar recommendations?

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  1. For romantic but not stuffy, I recommend Ze Mean Bean Cafe on Fleet St. in Fells Point. Good eastern European/Polish food, nice wine list, and live acoustic music downstairs. For lower volume and easier conversation, the upstairs dining room would be the way to go.

    It got rave reviews from my date on Saturday, who couldn't believe a place this cool existed in Baltimore. (she's from D.C.) Bonus points for being located in Baltimore's bar-hopping mecca.

    Another neighborhood which might fit the bill is Federal Hill, just south of downtown/inner harbor. Plenty of bars and restaurants all within walking distance. Vespa (nouveau Italian) is great. Ten-O- Six (Thai/new American) has good food. Sisson's for beer.

    Then there's Mt. Vernon/N. Charles Street. Which not only has several romantic dining spots but Baltimore's best source for home-grown (Belgian) beer in the Brewer's Art. I'd skip the other bars in the area, and just hop between the Ozzy and the Resurrection.

    If you haven't checked out the Baltimore Tip Sheet on this board, you'll find a million (or at least ten) more ideas there.

    Good Luck,


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      As far as the Mt. Vernon/N. Charles Street area goes, there's romantic dining to be done at the Helmand (Afghani)and Sotto Sopra(Italian). Everyone LOVES the Helmand - simple but beautiful dining room, great food, reasonable. Drinks at Brewer's art is a must if in the area - they've got a nice area with fireplace, couches, etc. where you can get into a good deal of romantic trouble ;)
      Why don't you let us know roughly where you're staying so that we don't send you someplace clear across town when there might be something fantastic right in your back yard.

      1. re: Shmingrid

        We're staying in the inner harbor area. So all of the recommendations made here sound easy to reach.

        We're leaning toward the Helmand at the moment for dinner. Maybe we'll hit Ze Mean Bean for Sunday brunch.

        In any case, thanks to all for the recommendations.

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      Melissa Garland

      I second the recommendation for Ze Mean Bean mentioned here. I'd also advise getting reservations.

      Re: Fells Point bars. Many cater to the college crowd and I *really* wouldn't recommend these for you and your wife. Ones that I think that you will enjoy are:

      1. Cat's Eye (my favorite- on Thames St. Bands nightly)
      2. Kooper's (Thames St.)
      3. Wharf Rat (corner of Ann St & Lancaster St.)
      3. John Steven (corner of Thames & Ann St.)
      4. Hamilton's bar (in the Admiral Fell Inn on the corner of Broadway & Thames. Small cozy bar.)
      5. Bertha's (the bar is good, but not the food- sometimes w/ good live music) on corner of Broadway & Lancaster

      There are many, many others that cater to the college crowd (read: Loud, many fights, *very* drunken and very out of control people. Not fun.).

      Also, you should check out the bar scene in Canton. Lots of good bars on O'Donnell Square there.

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        good am! any feedbck on the new Babalu Grill?? thx much