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Jan 26, 2001 12:50 PM

Seeking direction: Shanghai Gourmet

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What better on a cold, rainy night than a giant bowl of pho, packed with jalapenos and basil? Off to Pho Saigon in Pacific East Mall (home of Ranch 99) only to find a CLOSED sign in the window!


So we ended up in Shanghai Gourmet with a large bowl of homemade noodles in broth with mustard greens and an excellent plate of salt & pepper calamari. We saw plate after plate of delicious-smelling food go by, and wonder what we were missing.

Can anyone point out some house specialities?

Added bonus and a reason to go back: very kid friendly, which is a rarity right now as Carson currently enjoys both eating AND wearing her dinner...

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  1. Actually the thing I liked best over there came out of the refrigerator case. The vegetarian duck (in reality, bean curd sheets) was the most moist, tastiest version of that dish I have ever had.

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      Alexandra Eisler


      I'll be back for additional recon in the next few weeks...