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Aug 13, 2001 02:47 PM

Tim's River Shore Crabhouse w/Bardo beer

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I noticed on Bardo's website that their beers are now available at Tim's River Shore in Dumfries. Has anyone ever been there? How's the food? Worth going for crabs?

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    mike glennon

    a crab is a crab (fundamentally- I don't mean to trigger debate) so you really can't complain about the food, however, the bardo beer was unavailabe the night i went (late august) and the beer list (to use a word not really applicable) had nothing between the good but 86'd local brew and bud, the ambiance was much more like a bad college hangout (wet t-shirts, etc) (which is a shame given the locale right on top of potomac waters, almost literally) and I'm not sure but i think my wife and I were attacked by fleas.