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Aug 9, 2001 12:44 PM

baltimore-ixia?babalu grill?

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howdy. any info/feedback on these two places?? thx much in adv

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  1. Still nothing on Babalu....

    I had a good lunch at Ixia, though. Tres chic inside...the kind of place that is thrilling to visit but ya wouldn't wanna live there. Chef appears to have some vision and the menu is quite tempting. Staff still ramping up, at least the day I was in.

    May be going for dinner tonight. If so, I'll post a more formal review


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        Ixia -- ditto on atmosphere. Had a lovely, lovely piece of tuna, but date almost cried when he saw measly chicken portion.

    1. Hi I do the PR for Babalu Grill, just featured in the Baltimore Sun Live section August 16. Would you like to recieve a press release or menu? I can send the menu if you have adobe acrobat reader. There should also be a review on the restaurant in this Sunday's Sun.

      1. I've been to IXIA twice now. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, and on the whole, we did enjoy the food. So did the people we ate with. It's a nice PanAsian mix.

        However, don't let the chef come out (with his hands on his hips) and lecture you about how everyone else loves the duck soup when you don't think it's edible. We were shocked at his attitude and defensiveness.

        But we are big PaperMoon Diner fans and want to support IXIA..and Un Kim so we won't hold it against her!