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Jul 29, 2001 06:50 PM

Sad News From Oakton VA

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One of the shining lights of Oakton is no more.

My wife and I drove over to Tres Joli, a wonderful little cafe with great pastries, breads, coffee, and light breakfasts and lunches, only to find it gone.

Does anyone know what happened? Has another bastard of a landlord driven away yet another little independent eatery?

Breakfast options stink out here in Western Fairfax. Tres Joli will be sorely missed.

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  1. first, really sorry your favorite place closed down.

    But in a small town like Oakton, everybody knows everybody else's business. Half the town probably knows the whole story, so you'll have a lot better luck asking around there than here. I'd start with any stores nearby. Ask the sales clerks if they know what happened. I bet you'll get completely filled in in under fifteen minutes of detective work.

    Maybe you'll get lucky and find out they're gearing to open elsewhere (if so, please let us know!).


    1. Was at my dentist's this AM and asked the staff who said Tres Jolie opened a smaller cafe in Burke and plan to focus more on catering. However, a new coffee type place will open in the Oakton location and the staff thought that they might offer some of the same pastries (because of their popularity).

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        Thank you for the news!