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Jul 28, 2001 07:20 PM

How autentico will Andale be?

  • z

I read in the Post food section this past Wednesday that the chef at The Mark spent three weeks in Oaxaca, and now plans to re-tool and reopen as an authentic Mexican restaurant with fresh tamales, tortillas, etc. I have been keenly aware of the lack of artisanal Mexican food in DC (versus lots of Tex-Mex) since I moved here from L.A. five years ago--can't believe it's taken so long for someone to open a place that makes fresh tortillas. However, I wonder how good it's going to be after she's spent just three weeks in Mexico, y'know? Anyone can follow instructions in a cookbook, and decorate the dining room, but you have to grow up with the flavors or at least immerse yourself in the gestalt of the cuisine for longer than three weeks to do it justice. Any comments?

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