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Jul 26, 2001 08:43 AM

Charlottesville, VA recommendation, please?

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Hi All - I'm headed to Charlottesville for
2 weeks, and was wondering if anyone had
any particular favorites you can recommend.
I'll be in a class, so I suspect I'll be dining
with a group of people, and if I can steer them
to someplace good, all the better for me.
Also, my husband is coming down for the weekend,
so maybe a nicer spot for the two of us, too.
Thanks so much - this board is great.

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  1. Take a look at Starr Hill Brewing Co and South Street Brewing Co, a couple of brewpubs in the area. I expect you can get addresses from, the Big Dog's fave directory site. I can't vouch for the food, but I know that both employ talented brewers (try stout at Starr Hill, pale ale at South Street), which leads me to believe they also have talent in the kitchen.

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    1. re: Jim Dorsch

      And brewpubs are perfect for groups that
      can't decide where to go. There is always
      something for everyone - and I'm ready for the pale ale now!
      Thanks - Amy

      1. re: Amy

        Before I say anything, full disclosure--I've been cooking in C-ville for 5+ years and it's a small enough place that everyobody knows everybody in the restaurant biz.

        There's a very good Thai place called Thai 99, next to Durty Nelly's pub on Fontaine, I believe. Close to the U. Great family, curries are handmade. Don't know if they can handle the teeming masses.

        I'd also highly recommend a trip to the Downtown Mall--if you ask me, it's what makes C-ville. Hamilton's is a great bet for lunch, fine dining food at good prices-- dinner is pretty pricey but also good. It's sort of New American. Bizou also has good, slightly higher end French/American style Bistro food.

        Continental Divide on W. Main Street between UVA and the Downtown Mall is a local fave--nothing fancy, but tasty SW food, great microbrew selection, and a fun place for 6 or fewer. It can get smokey and very crowded, but people flock there for interesting food at good prices and the tasty margaritas make the wait seem shorter.

        C-ville is a food-obsessed town--pick up a copy of the free local paper, C-ville Weekly, for a full guide in the back.
        Have fun!!

      2. re: Jim Dorsch

        In case anyone else is headed to Charlottesville, here's my report. Of course, I didn't get to all the places I wanted, the group somewhat limited things, but here goes:
        Maharaja - good Indian, lots of food, nice and spicy. I prefer Bombay Cafe in Del Ray, but this was right up there.
        Southern Comfort - funky southern cooking, good for a group, I liked it quite a bit.
        Duner's: very good food, expensive though, I'd like more wines by the glass, though. (In Ivy)
        C&O: similar to Duners, although it would have been nice to know they had just seated a group of 30 before us, and our food would take more than 2 hours to arrive. They did comp appetizers and desert, so not too much complaining. (we had a bottle here...)
        Guadalahara: cheap mexican food. OK.
        Loco Mono - called itself cuban, not quite that, sort of a mix of carribbean, cuban and mexican. I had an amazing Sunday brunch there, and very good dinner later that week.
        Bavarian Chef - I ate too much. There was so much good food and beer. I had the smoked pork chops, really good. I've had better German food (NYC), but this was also very good - and packed, get reservations.
        (North of C'ville on 29)
        Starr Hill: Didn't eat there, but did have their beer at the Fridays at Five concert. Tasty pale ale, the wheat didn't quite do it for me.
        Hope this helps future C'ville travelers.
        ps. Sorry I didn't get to the ones mentioned in other posts, I was on the road and didn't see them before I went.

      3. j

        The best two in town for you & hubby are Oxo and Metropolitain but both (nouvelle) will stretch the wallet a bit.
        The Angus Barn prime rib cannot be beat and the atmosphere (dark, red leather) is great with great service.
        The Thai 99 tip is right on.
        For a group that is loose and wants cheap, the Riverside Lunch is a good greaseburger and as local as it gets.