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Jul 23, 2001 12:17 PM

Lavandou or Obelisk

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Has anyone eaten at Lavandou or Obelisk? I was wondering what each has for entrees, atmosphere and price. I know Obelisk is a prix fixe menu but I'm not sure what that price is and what it includes.


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  1. I've eaten at both, although it's probably been two years since Obelisk and one year since Lavandou. I really liked Obelisk. Seats maybe 35 people, and everyone seems to know the owners (chef & hostess/waitress). The menu is short, seasonal and well contructed. The wine list has unusual, quality Italian wines at a reasonable mark-up. The meal is leisurely, and they offer a delicious cheese plate after your meal. By contrast, Lavandou (even after the remodeling) seems cramped, loud, and hurried. The menu is longer, and more french provencial, with a lot of Mediterranean thrown in. Service is less personal, and the wine list narrower and more common. With a group? Try Lavandou. Your anniversary? Obelisk is the place.

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      We went to Lavandou once before the remodeling and once after.

      Although it was really cramped, we enjoyed our first visit very much. Service and food were excellent. Worth the drive in from Fairfax Co.

      Second time was ehhh. Food not as good, and the table seemed even more jammed in. Not worth the drive any longer.

      Never been to Obelisk but from what I know it's in a class above Lavandou.

      1. re: Bob W.

        Just goes to show that tastes vary. Have not been to Obelisk so won't comment there. I've had several very good experiences at Lavandou, both before and after remodeling. Yes a bit loud, but in a friendly, neighborhood way. And maybe that's the point. I live right up the block and this is a friendly, neighborhoody place. Haven't been rushed, etc. Have had many good clams/frites, just like you should at a french bistro. And re driving.....less than a block from the metro!

    2. Had a recent meal at Obelisk with three other people. The four course, prix fixe meal was $55. We all orderd different things for each course, and so were able to taste just about everything on the menu that night. Everything was delicious--especially first course choices of white asparagus with shaved parmesan and butter sauce, and soft-shell crab. Second course standout was the eggplant ravioli in walnut sauce. Veal, shrimp and venison were excellent. And the desserts we chose, some chocolate, some with fresh berries, were all wonderful. We drank a bottle of Soave which was fresh and complex, with hints of melon and fennel. We called on a weekday and got a reservation for that evening, though we did eat early. Highly recommended!