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Jan 24, 2001 09:03 PM

Thanks for the Berekely recs; Chinese on College Ave.

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Thank you to the chowhounds that posted recommendations for the Berkeley area last October. I had the pleasure of trying Nizza la Bella as well as Rick and Ann's last weekend. Had a great meal at Nizza la Bella, and learned what socca is. Rick and Ann's had such an interesting and delicious menu that I took my son back there for breakfast the day after I ate there for lunch.

So here's my discovery of the weekend. My son and I ate at a Chinese restaurant, Shen Hua, on College, just north of Ashby which we found to be excellent. The flavors were so intense, and the service was good. The restaurant decor was nice and bright. Not too pricey, but not dirt cheap. Plenty of food to take home to enjoy another time!

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