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Jul 23, 2001 09:30 AM

Robert Sietsema - "Down the Hatch"

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Saveur Magazine this month had a good, two-page article by Fred Goodman about an informal dinner club in New York City. They are 10-12 diners, dinner must be less than $20, and it must be new to everyone. Together, they've uncovered many wonderful meals from Uzbekistan, Senegal, Taiwan, Peru, Greece, etc., in some pretty tough neighborhoods throughout the 5 boroughs. Goodman, a contributing editor to Rolling Stone Magazine mentions Robert Sietsema's foodie newletter "Down the Hatch" as an indispensable resource. (Jim Leff's is also mentioned.) Might be of interest to those of you that travel to the Big Apple often. Finally, does anyone know if Robert is realted to our Tom?

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