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Jul 22, 2001 12:30 AM

Thurmont area family style? Peter Pan?

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When I was a kid I remember going to a (I think) PA Dutch style restaurant in the mountains near Thurmont. ALl I really remember is delicious food on big platters and sides of cottage cheese and homemade apple butter. Any ideas? How about The Peter Pan restaurant -- anyone know if that still exists??

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  1. No Peter Pan anything anywhere near Thurmont, MD, alas (according to

    could you have the name wrong?

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Peter Pan was a separate restaurant. Alas it may be gone. It was a civil war era mansion where you waited in the gardens among peacocks and deer for your table (you were called over an intercom I think) and then took your table (complete with finger bowls) where everything came with seemingly endless baskets of huch puppies. The family style place . . . no idea what the name of it was or if I could find it again. But, I remember loving it. Guess I have to settle (hardly settling) for Baughers

      1. re: Kathy Siegel

        The old Peter Pan restaurant was on Rt. 355 south of Frederick. My parents took us there every year on the last day of school as a treat (we were NEVER taken out to dinner!). I only remember hushpuppies with bits of cheddar cheese in them...

        It has become the Cracked Claw (formerly of Gaithersburg), which is a crab/seafood place that has off-track betting. Not even close to the ambience of the old Peter Pan, though I hear they might still have a peacock or two.

    2. Peter Pan was in Urbana and today it's a gambling hall and crabhouse.

      1. I remember the Peter Pan fondly - my family had lunch there ~1978 for my brother's graduation from Mt St Mary's in Emmitsburg. I was only 14 but I remember how beautiful the place was, and my family did not eat out much in my youth. Yes, there were peacocks outside in cages & you could buy a tall PP glass with your drink inside. Last time I went there was ~5 years ago for their karaoke night. It was Cracked Claw by that time, still had the lovely decor inside, but darker lighting & no peacocks. The lovely patio area outside was deserted, with all the tables taken away. Sad. I haven't been back since.

        Thurmont has 2 buffet places, and the food is fine for what it is & the cost is good: Cozy Inn (which has unusual little cabins you can stay in) & Mountain Gate Inn. My hubby, daughter & I had an early Sun. dinner at Cozy last fall - food was good but I saw a cockroach crawling under platters on the buffet. EEWWWW

        When in Thurmont/Emmitsburg, if your day is not full of a trip to Cunningham Falls or Greenbrier Lake for swimming or hiking, visit the nearby Blue Blazes Whiskey Still, or the lovely Grotto of Lourdes near Mt St Mary's. Or go duckpin bowling in town. Or else visit the Firefighters Memorial, or Shrine of (American saint) Elizabeth Seton, or the Catoctin Zoo. Gettysburg is not far. Rte 15 goes thru lovely country, terrific leaf-viewing in the autumn...

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        1. re: Lori S

          As I remember it this place wasn't a buffet but family style where serving size platters were brought to the table. But, the mountain Gate Inn sounds familiar -- do they or did they serve that way?

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            Thank you for sharing your memories of the Peter Pan. My husband has kept one of the Peter Pan glasses. It is dated 1976! I was going to put in a yard sale (lol).. But, I think I will keep it.. Sounds like a place to remember :)

          2. Peter Pan went out of business over 20 years ago. My kids and I enjoyed the food there (choice of ham or chicken or beef), the peacocks, and the sewing machines with treadles used for tables. I think its a Pizza place now. Sorry. It was a good bit south of Thurmont. If you want to go to a cool place in Thurmont, try the Cozy Inn dining room. Not gourmet, but lots of good food.

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              Actually although Peter Pan technically went out of business....I know last year Cracked Claw @ Peter Pan in Urbana(the original location) started offering on Sunday only the traditional Peter Pan menu....which I believe may serve somewhat family style. In addition according to the website for Cracked Claw the menu still includes corn or apple fritters and cottage cheese....HTH

            2. The original comment has been removed