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Jul 20, 2001 01:33 PM

DuPont Circle area

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We'll be staying at Governors House Hotel near DuPont Circle on Sunday. Don't know the city very well. Looking for a good seafood or Southern restaurant nearby. Thanks.

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  1. Georgia Brown's on 15th street is not too far from your hotel and probably the best southern food I've had in DC. They also have a good sunday brunch. I'd call for reservations in advance.

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      We wound up eating at Georgia Brown's, and it was all right but not worth the price. The fried chicken was nice and moist inside, but the outside was your basic KFC extra crispy and the macaroni and cheese was very average (we had much better at two less expensive restaurants later on the trip in Richmond and Columbia, S.C., and I make better myself). My wife liked the collard greens, though, and I must admit the cornbread was very good, we had no complaints with the desserts, and that the service was best I've noticed anywhere in quite some time.

    2. For seafood: Kinkead's/2000 Pennsylvania Av.
      Southern: Vidalia/1990 M St.
      Both are near but not in Dupont Circle.

      For fabulous four course Northern Italian prix fixe meal, consider Obelisk/2029 P Street, which is less than 2 blocks above the circle.

      1. You won't get into Obelisk unless you reserve almost a month in advance to the day for a weekend and two weeks for a weekday-it has 32 seats. Johnny's Half Shell, along with Kinkead's, is D. C. best seafood. Vidalia is a James Beard award finalist.