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Jan 24, 2001 03:14 PM

Grand Cafe in Hotel Monaco

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If you've had dinner at the Grand Cafe recently, please let me know how the meal was. Thanks

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  1. I haven't eaten at the Grand Cafe myself. A friend who stays there frequently said he had the perfect steak sandwich last week.

    1. Just had dinner at Grand Cafe tonight.

      Seared scallops with a raspberry puree was an above average appetizer. The scallops had great texture and worked with the rich fruity sauce.

      The rack of lamb was fantastic - meltingly tender with just a nice touch of fat bneath the crispy skin. One of the best versions of this I've had in a while.

      Dessert was merely OK. A pear tart with almond filling and vanilla ice cream. The tart was served at room temperature (I prefer mine warm, for contrast with the ice cream). The crust was a bit hard but was otherwise fine.

      Service was a bit below average for a place like this. My waiter made good recommendations for food and wine, but was hardly around during the course of the meal. I had to flag down another waiter to get the dessert menu.

      Tab for above with 1 glass of wine came to $54 not including tip.

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        Oops - made a mistake - the scallops came with a mission fig puree, not raspberry.