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Jul 17, 2001 09:27 PM

Brunch at Normandie Farms

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I just had a great brunch at Normandie Farms in Potomac, MD. $20 brunch buffet including juice and coffee. One of the best brunch deals I've seen in the DC area. Highly recommended!

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  1. Does NF Brunch still include a clam/oyster raw bar? Years ago, I'd go just for that: while the clams and oysters were not what you'd expect at, say, Old Ebbitt, they were fine and worth the price of admission alone (almost).

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      Yes, the brunch did include a raw bar; I, however,did not partake. Everything I had was excellent; custom made omelette, other breakfast sides, salads, their famous popovers and dessert. My only complaint was that although coffee and juice was included in the price, the OJ was not fresh squeezed. But then again, you can't have everything for $20.