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Jul 17, 2001 02:53 PM

Ocean City, MD -- Recommendations?

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40-something couple spending a few days in Ocean City, MD at the end of July.

Looking for recommendations for diners (especially for breakfast), also Japanese, Thai, Mexican, seafood.

Not too $$$ & not too pretentious (no dress-up places).

Would appreciate whatever help anyone could provide. Thanks!


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  1. There's a local, non-chain pancake house where we had a decent breakfast recently. It's on the east side of the main road heading north--can't remember the name or streetcorner it's on, but it's near the convention center. The place that looks like an archetypal diner, on the west side of the road as you are heading north out of the center of town, was not very good.

    1. Diners (especially for breakfast): The Bayside Skillet is the place to go. Excellent bfast and great at other times of the day too. Crepes, omelettes, fresh fruit and lots more.

      Laytons: I've had decent bfasts at Laytons. Standard diner fare.

      Good bfasts at Doughrollers and Dumsers (chains in OC). Doughrollers also has pizza. Dumsers is mainly an ice cream place, but they have surprisingly good food and do bfast well.

      Donuts: The Fractured Prune. Hot donuts cooked to order and dipped in various toppings/glazes of your choice. Various other bfast pastries and also lunch stuff. Not really an eat-in place, but very tasty.

      Sandwiches: The Lunch Box -- good sandwiches.

      Also Japanese, Thai, Mexican, seafood: okay, well OC is not the place to go for ethnic food. I have never seen a Thai restaurant there. I think there may be a sushi place, but have not tried it. Can't think of any Mexican offhand.

      Seafood..... now that's a different story. Best crabs in town supposedly Bahama Mamas down by the inlet, but I also like Higgins. Neither is dressy. These are brown paper on the table kind of places. If you go early to Bahama Mamas you can get their biggest premium jumbo crabs by the dozen for about $45-55 and a dozen will feed 2 people. Personally I like getting all you can eat crabs at Higgins better. Duffys Pub has THE BEST crab cakes in town. Also karaoke for your entertainment.

      Hope this isn't too late!


      1. As far as breakfast goes, I'm a fan of General's Kitchen (House of Creamed Chipped Beef) up around 78th street or so. Traditional breakfast fare, cheap, and the CCB really is excellent.

        While ethnic restaurants are not particularly plentiful in OC itself, there are some quality spots in Rehoboth. Names escape me at the moment, but one of them is next to Planet X.

        And, for surprisingly good bayside dining -- slightly upscaled, although not dressy, of course -- the Shark on 46th is excellent.