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Jul 12, 2001 09:23 AM

New Heights

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Any thoughts on New Heights restaurant in Woodley Park?

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  1. I went once several months ago. I thought it was pretty good and probably worth a visit. But my overall reaction (though not my wife's, to be fair) was that the dishes, while tasty, simply didn't merit what they were charging for them. If I were you, I might go out Connecticut a few more blocks and try Palena, which is reported to be one of the top spots in town right now (though I've yet to try it).

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    1. re: GregJ

      I actually went to Palena a few months ago and thought the food was only average and certainly was not worth the money. Also, their dining room is under a gym and when I went there was an aerobics class going on and the chandeliers kept rattling.

      1. re: Winnie

        Too expensive for the food quality. Lots of fennel on everything, kind of a bummer if you don't like it... (me).

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      Elizabeth Ruebman

      The word "horrible" is a polite way of describing my dining experience at New Heights in the Spring of 2001.