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Jul 12, 2001 08:56 AM

Israeli bakery - cheese borekas

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Anybody know a good Israeli bakery in the DC/MD area that sells authentic cheese borekas? There used to be one in Wheaton but they had to stop serving dairy.

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  1. It's not Israeli but Simit Bakery, which is Turkish, at the corner of Pickett Rd. and Main St in Fairfax has delicious boreks. Spinach and cheese, parsley and cheese, and a couple other flavors that I'm drawing a blank on right now. An excellent value for $1.50 each.

    1. Years ago there was a bakery in Rockville called The Pastry Place Cafe (full disclosure--I worked there when I was fifteen). Marie and Gidon were the owners, French Jews and both crazy as bedbugs. She had a terrible crush on my father and used to give him pain au chocolat when he dropped me off on Sunday mornings. She also taught me to kill flies with a damp bus rag (a great trick). He had a dreadful temper but was a divine pastry chef--real Linzer Torte, Paris Brest, rugelach, and the BEST boreks (bureka, I think they called them). Anyway, I have no idea if it's still there, but it was next to the Hard Times off Route 28, right near 270. That's probably no help at all but you sparked a fun memory. Thanks!

      1. In Vienna at a shopping center at the corner of Rt. 123 and Branch Road is a Turkish bakery called Cernan (I think) and they sell bourek. The bakery is near Blockbuster in the shopping center.

        1. Does anyone remember Sam the Argentine's Bakery on Wisconsin near Calvert? I think it closed in the late '60s. Now that was Jewish baking -- or is my memory more vivid than the reality?