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Jul 10, 2001 11:21 PM

Korean in Montgomery County

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Sam Woo seems to get the media vote, but friends-of-friends say Woomi Garden in Wheaton is better. Anyone been to both?

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  1. Been to Woomi's $7 lunch buffet which has Japanese as well as Korean & tastes fine at a bargain price.

    There are also Korean restaurants in downtown Silver Spring (Nodaji on GA Av, also with a lunch buffet), Derwood (JongRo, with a lunch buffet) & in College Park (YiJo, on Rt 1). And Korean soups only at Han Bat on Gude Dr in Rockville (not sure it's still open).

    But I prefer Thai or Vietnamese over Korean.
    Had lunch yesterday at Thanh-Thanh Vietnamese Rest. around the corner from Woomi in Wheaton. Great stuff

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      Was in the neighborhood (little strip mall on the east side of 355 just south of Edmonston), so I tried the highly touted (Best Cheap Eats per Washingtonian Magazine) Sam Woo for lunch yesterday. They have a lunch buffet ($7.40, I believe), which is mostly Korean, but has a tiny bit of sushi on it (a very limited selection - this is not a sushi "bar" spot). Overall, the items on the buffet were actualy pretty good (buffet-wise).

      As it was my first visit, I wanted to order from the menu (is that backward from most people? Do most people want to start with the buffet??) - but, the prices were really pretty high -- at least they were high for lunch for me these days (no difference in the lunch/dinner menus, I guess because everyone at lunch eats the buffet). So, since the range of dishes was from $8.95 to $14.95, with most things at the $12.95+ range, I decided to do the buffet...

      Guess this note is both a positive review for a little lunch buffet, but also a question as to whether the other readers on this board start with the buffet at such places as a test of the kitchen, or whether you consider this sort of buffet food as separate to the accomplishments of an otherwise competent kitchen.