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Jul 10, 2001 09:17 AM

Full Kee's Soft-Shell Crabs - Price?

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Any idea how much they are at lunch? They're not posted on the menu. Thanks

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  1. Had them last week for lunch on the 4th. They were around 15 bucks for the plate. Getting hungry just thinking about it..

    1. Hmmmm....I will look tomorrow night when I go. I think they are on the new expanded menu but I am not sure. I believe they are around $13.95 (the same at lunch and dinner)...usually a good size portion.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC

      1. $14.95...same at lunch and dinner.

        Had the crabs last night and they were definitely superior to my previous three visits...whew!!!!!

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

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        1. re: Jim Zurer
          Dixie Chicken

          Do you know the the location/address of the NoVa branch of Full Kee?

          1. re: Dixie Chicken

            5830 Columbia Pike in Bailey's Crossroads Shopping Center. Enjoy.