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Jul 10, 2001 12:24 AM

Late late night snacks in d.c

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It's 2:30am and you're oh so hungery. What places can you go at such a late hour to get soom *pretty good* food or good fast food.

The only decent place that comes to mind is Quick Pita in Georgetown. The middle eastern food there is cheap ($3-8) and tasty. Besides that, late night diners are availble but food eaten there seems to do more bad than good.

Please advise.

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  1. The Diner in Adams Morgan on 18th Street is open 24 hours. Also, au pied du cochon in Georgetown is open for late night food (I think 24 hours).

    1. Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle is open all night on the weekends. Great desserts, some decent food, interesting music, and great books while you wait for your table.

      1. go to adams morgan! there are 2 diners open all night--the diner (next to tryst) and the duplex diner, further down the street. both are on 18th street. the first diner, especially, is great and cheap.