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Jul 7, 2001 11:14 AM

Rehearsal Dinners -- Arlington

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Having a Friday evening rehearsal dinner in Arlington for approximately 40 people, late October. Hoping to keep it reasonable in price, and keep it casual. Anyone have any ideas for Arlington or close by due to Friday evening traffic?

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  1. It's not in Arlington, but it is close by (just across the river in Georgetown): 1789 at 36th and Prospect. It's somewhat pricy but you could keep the cost down with judicious ordering. It's a fine "big event"-type place, with very good food. We had our rehearsal dinner there in 1978 and have been back many times since!

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      I second the recommendation for 1789. It's marvelous--and certain to please! Plus, they offer complementary valet parking, which removes the problem of having to search for spaces on crowded Georgetown streets, especially if you're bringing a number of cars.