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Jul 2, 2001 08:22 PM

columbia,md cheap and fun eats?

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Anyone have any suggestions on a cheap and fun restuarant in Columbia, MD. It could be anything from crabs to ethnic or just good home cooking.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, so if you know something let me know too.

Thanks, Amy

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  1. There might be a Hard Times Cafe there. Great, great chili; I prefer Texas style. I couldn't verify location because their web site wasn't loading properly. You'll probably have better luck with your browser & platform. Hope this isn't toolate.


    1. I just moved to Columbia this past weekend, and since we haven't been to the grocery store yet, we've been "testing the hot spots!" For a laid back, inexpensive bar/pub place....Rocky Run Tap and Grill is fine (corner of Rt. 175/Dobbin Rd). There is a Hard Times on Dobbin, as well (although I like the Terilingua Red!). For GREAT sushi, try Sushi King (yes, "King") on Dobbin Rd next to the MVA. Interesting one with Shrimp Tempura inside, and sweet eel outside. Over by the lake, you'll find Clydes, which is fine, too. Every imaginable chain restaurant is in Columbia...and I'm still looking for something BESIDES the chains!

      Have fun!

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        Ed Silverstein

        Try Ricciuti's at the Hickory Ridge Center on Freetown Road and the Old Hickory Grill (you'll have to look that one up)

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          In the same shopping center as Hard Times off of Dobbin too, I think, is an Asian Noodle place that i liked a lot. The prices aren't as Chowhoundy as they could be, but it's something different for Columbia. I did NOT like the CLyde's there.