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Jun 30, 2001 05:56 PM

baltimore/blue agave restaurant

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anyone have an feedback on this place, food/vibe/drinks/etc?? is it walking distance to the baltimore arena? thx in adv-ciao

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    Melissa Garland

    There's info on Blue Agave on Chowhound's Baltimore Tip Sheet. Scroll down to Mexican/Spanish/ South American. See link below.


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        You could throw a rock out of your window at the Harbor Court and hit the Blue Agave!
        Actually ate there for the first time this past Sunday night. They, like many places, have that unfortunate thing going on where the menu reads like a dream but the actual plate never delivers. The ceaser salad was great, everything else fell into the mushy/salty catagory. But the tequilla is fantastic. Find the chef/owner Michael and let him tell you all about tequilla for hours on end. He apparently loves to do this, and we had great fun listening to him drop knowledge on several customers.
        Hope you have a great time in "Charm City". Let us know what you liked about it. Don't bother with what all is wrong with it... we hear enough of that!

        1. re: Ingrid

          grazie mille, how far a walk is it to the baltimore arena pls?? thx

          1. re: sk
            Melissa Garland

            The arena is, I'd say about a 15 min walk from Blue Agave. It's a nice walk, though. Blue Agave is in Federal Hill, which is on the South side of the harbor. The arena (N. side of harbor) is basically north from Blue Agave: walk north along the water and a block or two north of the harbor to the arena. Be careful and don't stray too far north of the harbor late at night and/or if you're alone.

      2. re: Melissa Garland

        also, I was hoping blue agave was withing walking distance of baltimore arena, and harbor court hotel

        1. re: Melissa Garland

          One important note about Blue Agave. They won't seat you until the entire party is there, and if you're more than 15 minutes late, they say that they'll give up your table. Given the terrible parking situation around Federal Hill, I'd advise to show up early .

          Actually, given the mediocre food, I'd pass this place and go to Latin Palace (Spanish) or Karabelas (Greek).