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Jun 28, 2001 10:13 AM

Fish in DC?

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I'm in town this weekend and want an excellent fish place--Greek, in particular, would be good, but I just want fresh fish.

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  1. Best fish place is probably Kinkead's at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. It's not a "fish restaurant" per se, but that's what they do best. It's expensive. Whatever you do, avoid the fish places near the SW Marina. They're very touristy and pretty awful.

    1. Like the previous poster said, avoid restaurants on the Maine Avenue waterfront. Kinkeads is always a good choice, as is DC Coast. Both have websites with copies of their and You also might want to consider Palena (on Connecticut Avenue, north of the zoo). I ate there just last night and was served a wonderful red mullet as part of a five-course tasting menu. The chef, Frank Ruta, was just named one of the ten best new American chefs by Food and Wine. The meal and the wine pairings were fabulous. Enjoy your stay in DC!