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Jun 26, 2001 10:48 AM

14th St Corrider from K to Q in DC

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Any feedback on the restaurants on 14th Street from K to Q, i.e. from Hamburger Mary's going up to the fish restaurant (Le Plat Mer or something) to The Saint to that other open-front restaurant, etc. Some of these look nice and not as full of people as the popular and culinarily meteocre restaurants a few blocks closer to Dupont Circle.



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  1. 14th is trying hard, with the backing of the Logan Circle Community assoc. of course. Hamburger Mary's food stinks. They can't cook a hamburger to save their lives. If you have to go, order it rare and it might come out MW. And avoid their bloody mary's. They just taste kinda icky. Case-in-point, went to brunch once; ordered eggs benedict. They served an over well poached egg and said, "we ran out of hollandaise." No refund of the purchase price. They have a long way to go. Plata del Mar is good, but pricy. You could get much better ambiance at DC Coast for the price and similar food. B.A.(Buenes Aires) is good too, sometimes spotty, but good. Cheaper than Plata and their chef is the former Argentinian embassy chef. Creative menu nonetheless. These places are at least helping the neighborhood, so I don't count them out although for the most part there is something to be desired.